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About Australian Media Pty Ltd

We are currently in the process of re-structuring after recently selling off part of our online business assets.

We are changing the direction of the company and have publishing projects planned including history and children's books with associated educational apps. We also are working on a film project. If you are making inquiry regarding any of these activities please email: please email: austmedia2@gmail.com.

Sale of Domain Names

We were pioneers in registering one word domain names through the mid to late 1990s after initially designing and hosting web sites for others. The company was formed at and as a result of the peak of the dot.com boom. We have bought and onsold quality domain names as well. We continue to sell these until this day, so if you have followed a link back to our site, then please make us an offer on our sites or numerous one word domain names, please email: austmedia@gmail.com.

Our domain name sales are only handled through Escrow.com.

Advertising on an existing sites

If you have arrived here from an existing site of ours and wish to purchase advertising, please email: austmedia@gmail.com.

*** The featured photo was taken one hour south of Narrandera, New South Wales.